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Rules & Regulations

Post by TheFallen on Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:19 pm

Please follow our Rules Thank you!

1. Be active (no more than 4 weeks away pls)
2. Be Friendly No Harassing other Members
3. Be Respectful (also follows Rule #2...)
4. Please No making diplo's or hostile threats to other alliances without acknowledgment from the Host or VH...
5. Please let us know with messeges if you have not been on for a while or are going to be offline for a while so we dont drop you accidently.
6. Change your Flag To REGI2 if you haven't done so already, Its to alert members and other alliances of whom you're with.
7. Please no Profanity or sexual explicit things in General Chat forum and please be moderate when using this forum it is mainly for Evony users to talk Strategies and for learning how to grow your empire.
8.  We are based In 2 states MORAVIA and BURGUNDY. If You cannot port please leave a message to Dragonov so we know who hasnt ported.
9. Please sign in, in the forum's "Sign in" section under "Reply," to establish that you have read and understood these Rules... Thank You and again WELCOME TO REGICIDE... Have Fun!

*We do look to promote those who are more involved with the alliance,
thanks for following our rules and we hope you enjoy Regicide!

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